Five Common Skin Care Mistakes

In the recent times, skin care has become more and more tricky. Of course it isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t as simple as it used to be a few years ago. There are complex terms and some chemistry jargon also involved. So under these circumstances it’s quite normal for some mistakes to occur.  But there are also some mistakes we could be making that have got nothing to do with complex chemistry terminology. These are simple mistakes, and we could be making them quite obliviously. Without further ado, let’s get right to them!

  1. Dipping fingers into jar products – We may be using a lot of skin care products, especially moisturizers that come in traditional jar packages. You open the jar, you dip your finger in, you scoop product on to your finger, you apply the product onto your face and move on with your life. But in this process what would have happened is a transmission of bacteria on your hands into the jar. Even if you had washed your hands just before you dipped your fingers into the jar, chances are at least some transmission would’ve occurred. And with repeated finger to product contact, the product in the jar would eventually get contaminated. Instead, you could switch to using a clean spatula to scoop the product from the jar for application thereby reducing the risk of bacteria transmission into the product. cream-1464295_960_720
  2. Bottle droppers touching our faces – Ever seen videos of Instagram beauty influencers dropping a whole lot of serums on their faces with the droppers touching their skin? Well there is a lot of visual appeal in it of course, but the step is quite wrong. Just like the previous point, by having the dropper touch our face there is a transmission of bacteria onto the dropper thereby leading to the contamination of the product. imagesInstead it is better to have the product drop on to our skin from the dropper without the dropper itself touching our faces, or we could take the product into our hands and then apply it on to our faces.
  3. Re application of Sunscreen – Did you know that during rigorous sun exposure situations, we must be reapplying skin care on our faces repeatedly. Sunscreen gets worn out from our faces every three to four hours, so to get optimum sun protection we must be reapplying sunscreen every three or four hours in case we are spending a long day out in the sun. Just one application in the morning is not enough. Also it’s better to limit make up on days of sun exposure so as to make sunscreen application easier. 33613897263_7d74b8a194_b
  4. Shelf life of product – We all read expiry dates of the products with ease. Some products have direct expiry dates written on them. Some products have them written as ‘Best within so and so duration of manufacturing’. However, there is also another point to note – The shelf life label. For example, this label states that the product is best suitable to use 6 months from the time you have opened it. Even though the expiry may state 6 or 12 months later, shelf life labels must be read carefully. pao-period-after-opening-symbol146dff81ba7afcad0e2de98d1e862b86
  5. Pillowcases and sheets – We spend approximately 6 to 9 hours sleeping every day and during these hours our faces are exposed to pillow cases and sheets. If our pillow cases and sheets are not washed regularly, the accumulated bacteria and dust can get on to our faces. So it’s very important to maintain bed linen hygiene. Also very often we go to sleep right after doing our night skin care routines, and it can happen that the pillow cases or sheets can brush away all the product off of our faces. Hence it is also important to wait for a while after the skin care, or rather do it way ahead of your bed time in order to let the products absorb into your skin for them to work instead of having them freshly applied and brushed off from your faces. sleeping-woman-1489600175vGewoman-asleep-girl-sleep-dreams-face-royalty-free-thumbnail

So, these were some mistakes we could be doing and we could easily avoid. Hope this post helped. Adios, until next time !


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